Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas with Artificial Florals (2024)

Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas with Artificial Florals (1)

Spring is an ideal time to refresh your décor. Sprucing up your home with flowers is a simple way to evoke the beauty of the season. A good place to start is the hearth, where family and guests come together often. Elevate its look with Balsam Hill’s selection of spring decorations for mantels.

How Do You Decorate a Spring Mantel?

Begin by using nature-inspired pieces like florals, greenery, and potted plants as core elements of your design. Then, let their color palette guide you in choosing other spring mantel decorations. Select picture frames, wall art, figurines, and candles to complement your foliage. Learn how to use these items to transform your fireplace below.

1. Have fun with blooms

Let a spring garden in full bloom inspire you to decorate with an abundance of florals. Early in the season, use peonies, ranunculus, hydrangeas, or roses. Their soft, subtle hues let you easily transition your home décor from winter to spring. Meanwhile, brightly colored tulips, anemones, cornflowers, or dahlias are perfect for April and May. Their bold shades anticipate the summer months ahead.

To reduce upkeep, choose artificial flower arrangements, wreaths, and other greenery. They’re also a good investment that lasts for years, unlike their real counterparts. Balsam Hill offers a wide variety of them in fresh spring hues.

Insider’s Tip: Household items like colored wine bottles or ceramic pitchers make charming flower vessels. Use them as is or decorate with ribbons. To create contrast, use containers of varying shapes and sizes.

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2. Set a focal pointwith a statement piece

Choose a key element such as aspring wreath or garland as the room’s main feature.Use the same colors for your soft furnishings such as pillows, rugs, or curtains. Whether you’re going for pastels or brights, make sure your color palette is consistent all throughout the space for a polished look.

Alternatively, hang a large painting over your fireplace to make it the center of interest. Emphasize your statement piece by surrounding it with décor in muted colors. For instance, drape an evergreen garland to complement it.

Insider’s Tip: Hang a mirror over the mantelpiece to make the room appear larger. It creates an illusion of depth by reflecting light and color.

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3. Accentuate your fireplace with the perfect backdrop

Elevate your mantel by painting its bricks, trim, or surrounding wall in a lovely spring shade. Create a more striking effect by using a color in the same family or complementary to your foliage.However, if an overall paint job isn’t for you, opt for wallpaper. It’s an easy way to switch backdrops with every turn of the season.

Insider’s Tip: If you’re using printed or patterned wallpaper, keep your mantel decorations simple for a balanced look.

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4. Warm it up with lighting

Create an inviting scene with warm lights. Groupflameless candlestogether in varying heights for cozy additions to your spring mantel décor.Alternatively, drape string lights above the fireplace. Use them to highlight your foliage, artwork, or mirror. Or, place them inside a cloche for an enchanting display.

5. Layer accents for visual interest

A hearth is viewed from different angles, so it’s important to create depth by layering items. For instance, place a tall frame in the middle to emphasize the height of the room. Then, fill out the rest of the space with classic decorations for mantels, such as photographs and small mementos. Make sure that pieces in the foreground don’t obscure those in the background.

If you prefer decorations for fireplaces with old-world charm, add sophisticated accents like gold lamps or candleholders. Hardbound leather classics add a hint of drama and make great conversation starters. Stack them in front of a world map, then set vintage binoculars alongside to tie in with the theme.

For a farmhouse-inspired look, go for rustic décor for mantels such as reclaimed wood and iron. A frame or shutters made with distressed wood makes a lovely backdrop. Complement it with flowers set in buckets or watering cans. Pottery pieces in varying shapes and sizes also add character and dimension.

Insider’s Tip: Follow the rule of threes when grouping items together for a dynamic yet natural finish. This also applies to small items in groups of five, seven, or nine.

Beyond being functional, the fireplace mantel is a key styling element for your home. It provides a great platform for you to showcase the season’s blooms, as well as your decorating style.

We hope this post inspired you to create a fresh and inviting scene with spring mantel decorations. Browse realistic floral wreaths, garlands, arrangements, and premium decorations on our website.


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Spring Mantel Decorating Ideas with Artificial Florals (2024)


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