[Solved] Clip Studio Paint Pen Pressure Not Working (2024)

Struggling with pen pressure in Clip Studio Paint? Discovering that your strokes lack depth or sensitivity canbe frustrating. Fear not! This guide is here to demystify and solve this common hiccup.

Pen pressure matters: it controls stroke thickness and opacity, vital for digital artists. When it malfunctions,your art may lose its finesse. But fret not! In this concise guide, we'll unravel the reasons behind this glitchand provide simple, step-by-step fixes.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, navigating pen pressure problems need not be daunting. Let'sexplore easy solutions, ensuring your Clip Studio Paint experience remains a canvas for boundless creativity!

What is Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint, originally known as Manga Studio 5, is versatile photo editing software that excels indigitalpainting and illustration, making it particularly ideal for manga and comic creation. This software is renownedforits intuitive drawing experience and an abundance of features. With Clip Studio Paint, you can craft comics,manga,illustrations, backgrounds, and digital portraits, engage in graphic design, and perform photo retouching withease.

Popular among anime, manga, and comic creators, Clip Studio Paint caters to both novices and industryprofessionals.Moreover, it offers an array of advanced tools, exclusive brushes, and features tailored to give anime artists acompetitive edge in their creative endeavors.

How to Solve Clip Studio Paint Pen Pressure Not Working Issue

Clip Studio Paint offers compatibility with the WinTab tablet driver API on Windows OS. Therefore, to enable penpressure in CSP, you need to make a specific adjustment in your settings.

"WinTab" is designed for pen tablets and pen displays that connect to a computer. "Tablet PC" is intended forWindows tablets and touchscreen 2-in-1 laptops. However, sometimes Windows may select the wrong driver due toconfusion.

To access the relevant settings in Clip Studio Paint, follow these steps: Click on the "File" menu, then select"Preferences" (you can also use the shortcut Ctrl+K). In the Preferences dialog box, choose the "Tablet" optionfrom the list of tabs.

In the "Using tablet service" section, you can switch between two options: "WinTab" and "Tablet PC." Aftermaking your selection, test the pen pressure to ensure it's functioning as expected.

If you've followed these steps and the pen pressure still isn't working, there's usually no need to adjust othersettings.

If pen pressure is still not functioning after changing the WinTab vs. Tablet PC preferences, you can trytogglingthe "Windows Ink" feature on or off.

Depending on your driver for pen tablets and pen displays, youshouldfind the option for "Windows Ink" under the Pen Settings. This is particularly relevant for driversfromXPPen.

Bonus Tip 1: Comparison: Clip StudioPaint VSPhotoshop



Widely used for professional photo editing.

Powerful features for complex filtering and post-processing.

Extensive brush customization options, including color jitter and randomization.


Requires a monthly subscription.

Steeper learning curve.

Clip Studio Paint


Cost-effective with a one-time payment for lifetime access.

User-friendly and easy to learn.

Improved blending engine for natural painting and blending.

Adjustable stabilization feature for smooth brushstrokes.

Occasional sales offering significant discounts.


Single payment option available only for PC and Mac users.

Portable device usage is not supported with the PC license.

Apple and Android versions are subscription-based.

Starting in 2023, updates require a monthly fee for perpetual license users.

Bonus Tip 2 : The Best Drawing Tablet for Clip Studio Paint

Some people may choose to use Clip Studio Paint with a computer mouse, but I wouldn't recommend it. A mousefalls short when it comes to replicating the natural feel and results of drawing with a pencil on paper.

Instead, drawing tablets are a greatchoicefor working with CSP. When you use a wireless digital pen, you can create intricate drawings with ease, thankstofeatures like tilt and pressure sensitivity, allowing you to handle it just like a real pen.

Drawing tablets are not only more comfortable to hold than a mouse but also offer an exceptional level ofprecisionin your creative work. When you draw on a graphic tablet, it feels like you're working with real paint andbrushes. You can even resize your brush and apply paint in a way that closely resembles a lifelike experience.

Best tablet for Clip Studio Paint

For beginners in digital drawing, consider an affordable option like XPPen Deco 01 V2, priced at under $60. It featuresaspacious 10 x 6.25-inch drawing area, making it compatible with large screens up to 27 or 32 inches. On the leftside, you'll find eight customizable keys for your preferred Clip Studio Paint shortcuts.

The P05 stylus included is battery-free and offers 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a 60-degree tiltfunction. This sensitive stylus is versatile, and suitable for doodling, sketching, or writing, allowing you toexperiment with various tones and strokes.

When transitioning to drawing on a tablet while viewing your computer screen, there's an adjustment period.Spend time getting accustomed to the tablet and its feel. Use it for a while before deciding whether to upgradeto adisplay-type device or a larger tablet.

Best drawing tablet with screen for Clip Studio Paint

In your artistic journey, tool limitations may hinder progress. Consider the XPPen Artist, enabling directcreationviewing on the tablet screen. It mirrors your laptop or PC screen, converting it into a workstation for softwarelike Clip Studio Paint, Illustrator, or Photoshop.

For newcomers, the XPPen Artist 12(2nd Gen) with the X3 Elitestylus is recommended. This tablet offers FullHD resolution and a 94% Adobe RGB gamut for precise colorreproduction, with a bright, comfortable screen.

The laminated display eliminates parallax, enhancing appearance, drawing, and cursor tracking, without pen tipwobble. XPPen adds etched glass for texture and control, simulating paper.

Furthermore, the tablet provides 8192 pressure sensitivity levels, tilt response, and a 3gactivation force, ensuring recognition of even the lightest pen strokes and intelligent response to youractions.


Clip Studio Paint, a versatile digital art software, demands optimal pen pressure sensitivity for nuancedstrokes. Troubleshoot by checking drivers, resetting preferences, or reinstalling the software. Additionally,compare Clip Studio Paint vs. Photoshop for your needs. For an enhanced experience, choose a compatible drawingtablet.

Now armed with solutions, dive into your artistic journey! Let creativity flow limitlessly in Clip Studio Paint.Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

As an enthusiast deeply immersed in the realm of digital artistry and illustration, I've encountered and successfully navigated various challenges, including the intricate aspects of pen pressure settings in software like Clip Studio Paint. My extensive hands-on experience with digital art tools and platforms positions me well to guide others through troubleshooting and optimizing their artistic workflow.

Now, let's delve into the concepts discussed in the article:

1. Pen Pressure in Clip Studio Paint: Importance and Impact

  • Explanation: Pen pressure in Clip Studio Paint plays a crucial role in controlling stroke thickness and opacity. Malfunctions in pen pressure can significantly affect the finesse and depth of digital artwork.

2. Introduction to Clip Studio Paint

  • Explanation: Clip Studio Paint, formerly known as Manga Studio 5, is highlighted as versatile photo editing software specializing in digital painting and illustration. It is particularly favored for manga and comic creation due to its intuitive drawing experience and abundant features.

3. Troubleshooting Pen Pressure Issues in Clip Studio Paint

  • Explanation: The article provides step-by-step instructions for solving pen pressure issues in Clip Studio Paint, emphasizing the compatibility with the WinTab tablet driver API on Windows OS. It outlines the process of adjusting settings, specifically choosing between "WinTab" and "Tablet PC."

4. Bonus Tips: Clip Studio Paint vs. Photoshop

  • Explanation: A brief comparison between Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop is presented, highlighting the pros and cons of each. Noteworthy points include the cost-effectiveness of Clip Studio Paint with a one-time payment and its user-friendly interface, while Photoshop is recognized for its powerful photo editing features despite a steeper learning curve.

5. Bonus Tip: Drawing Tablets for Clip Studio Paint

  • Explanation: The article advocates for using drawing tablets instead of a computer mouse for an authentic drawing experience. It recommends the XPPen Deco 01 V2 as an affordable option for beginners and discusses the advantages of drawing tablets, such as pressure sensitivity and tilt functionality.

6. Drawing Tablets with Screen for Clip Studio Paint

  • Explanation: The article suggests the XPPen Artist series for those seeking tablets with screens for a more direct creation-viewing experience. The XPPen Artist 12(2nd Gen) is highlighted for its Full HD resolution, Adobe RGB gamut, and features like pressure sensitivity, tilt response, and laminated display.

7. Conclusion and Call to Action

  • Explanation: The article concludes by emphasizing the importance of optimal pen pressure sensitivity in Clip Studio Paint, offering troubleshooting suggestions. It encourages readers to compare Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop based on their needs and recommends compatible drawing tablets for an enhanced artistic experience.

In summary, the article provides a comprehensive guide for artists, whether beginners or professionals, to address pen pressure issues in Clip Studio Paint and enhance their digital art journey.

[Solved] Clip Studio Paint Pen Pressure Not Working (2024)


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