How to Sell on Google with Shopify (2024)

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Google Shopping is a “new product discovery experience” as Google describes. The goal is to create an easier way to access research purchases, and information about different products, their features, and prices. Also, it provides easier connections with the sellers to shoppers from Shopify to Google Shopping.

Its features like advertisem*nts help you to increase the quality of your leads. Shoppers are looking for informed product visuals and qualifications, attention-keeper ads, and your product page with the aim to purchase.

As a retailer, this is an important opportunity to reach the right customers who are looking for what you’re offering. Basically, Google shopping lets you reach those customers that already know what they’re looking for. Gives them an easy way to find your products in the search results.

Let’s think that you are selling a t-shirt with pink stripes on it. Now, your product feed might end up “pink striped t-shirt”, but Google shopping shows your results for the search term pink striped skirts, too.

The main advantage of Google Shopping is being able to attract customers who’ve already looked for the purchase goal.

In other words, Google shopping is a conversion-increasing place. It does not offer you a single option and gives different directions.

The buyer is also getting closer to finding the right product she is looking for with other options. For these reasons, it is very important to also apply your Shopify store to Google Shopping.

As an online seller, there are various ways to sell your product. Google Shopping has provided retailers a process to boost sales by enabling online merchandise and increasing traffic.

But what do individual companies and many other stores in Shopify experience?

The partnership between Google Shopping and Shopify creates a way to reach consumers through Google Search and services for more than 1.7 million online shop businesses.

The integration enables signing up in just a few clicks to have their products appear on Google every day.

Online retailers using Shopify can now show their products to more people across the regions without extra cost. Shopify users can also have paid advertisem*nts on Google Shopping for more visibility of their products.

But, how does it work?

In this post, we will take a look at the steps of how to sell your products on Google with Shopify.

Sync Your Products to Google

You can upload the product catalog to Google. Also, later it is possible to remove and add any product you want.

Attract the right buyers with a description that promotes your store and products well.

Upload a photo that shows the product in the most accurate and beautiful way. Explain and update the product features in detail.

You can use different ways to sync your products on Shopify to Google. These methods are pretty easy. This is the purpose of this partnership, anyway. To offer easy selling methods to the user, to increase competition, to make more sales…

Both Shopify and Google want to make both the consumer and the manufacturer happy by working together for online shopping.

  1. List your products

    Start with a good listing. It is important to see all the products in your catalog to increase the chance to make sales in all the categories. In this way, the visibility of each product increases, not only does one product stand out, but all of them become accessible.

    As you can list your products, it is also possible to search easily using filters. Thus, the desired products can be found with little effort. This is a very useful method for both the shop owner and the buyer.

    This feature is also helpful when determining which products from Shopify you want to switch to Google Shopping. Filter your products in a short time and easily complete the synchronization process.

  2. Set free trial

    Set up your Google channel through Shopify. You can try it free for 14 days. Customers can check and buy the products directly on Google.

    You will see in the free trial that you can easily view orders, payments, and returns in the Google channel. Transactions in both Shopify and Google Shopping will be easily under your fingertips. See that the two platforms work in an integrated way and realize that you will reach a wider audience.

  3. Increase Conversion

    One of the best benefits is Google shopping searches and consumer data are always passed through to your Shopify platform. So, you actually spread your network across two platforms. All interactions are converted between Google and Shopify in this way.

    Also, buyers can get information from both online platforms. This is also very important. Offering the option of purchasing by checking your store from both online platforms, creates comfortable options for all customers.

  4. Bulk Assigning

    You can save time by assigning a value to more than one product at the same time. Optimizing such transactions has become very important in online sales. When you have a large number of products, it becomes difficult to assign values.

    With this feature of Shopify, you can sell on Google much more easily. Synchronize your products in a short time.

Adjust Your Prices Daily & Track Your Competitors

You need to update your products regularly. Your prices, stocks, and all the other information must keep up to date. So with Google Shopping, you can be able to catch increased and snap up profits after becoming more visible and updated all the time.

With the increase in your visibility, it will become very important to make a pricing analysis. Follow the prices of your competitors. Sell at the ideal price for you. Maximize your sales profit with increased userspace at the most optimal price.

Instant, daily changes in your pricing will be to your advantage. Since both your Shopify store and google shopping are in sync; the price you sell at will make a big difference for your consumers.

Make determinations according to the pricing category you want to be in. Doing this in an optimized way will also make your work easier.

Become More Visible and Boost Traffic

Once you make your products connected, you can start a Smart Shopping Campaign. Also, track your traffic and sales right through your marketing strategy.

And when you set up your smart campaign, your products will also appear in free listings. It will help you drive traffic and reach even more shoppers without extra cost.

Increase your visibility in searches by adding keywords to Google smart campaigns. Reach your target audience more easily. So that way, you can keep up with the filtering made by the customers. Bring your shop page and products to the fore with the most fitting keywords.

You can increase the audience you reach with paid advertisem*nts. And thanks to these ads, you can be seen on different channels of Google. Set up on Shopify and promote your products through Google channels: Youtube, Gmail, and Google Search.

Anyone who needs your products and can reach them through these wide channels means a happy customer for you. Enlarge your business and satisfy your users.

Also, you can set a daily budget for your Google ads. An expenditure is made according to this budget.

In other words, it is possible to set a quota according to your other expenses. It will optimize your ads to reach the right buyers.

The integration can help online businesses in fast feed and get their operations up and running. It can canalize you in offering a diverse choice of products to your customers:

If your Shopify Google Shopping campaign is successful, your store will receive more traffic and become more visible on searches. You’ll get a lot more clicks. Investing in this integration can improve your business by widening your marketing power.

  • It is a very easy system to control. You can integrate your Shopify products into Google Shopping very easily. Shopify sync app will take your product codes into the Google channel. So it is very good that every product has a specific identification code like GTIN (global trade item number) or UPC and ISBN for the books. This way Shopify leads the codes to Google Shopping in second. You don’t have to do it manually because it takes too much time and effort. Pulling data from Shopify is not going to be challenging this way!
  • The ads you will place on Shopify and Google Shopping will give you measurable results. Thus, you can analyze your leads better and systematically control in which area you should organize campaigns or advertise.
  • You can reach out to many buyers who are clueless about your products and brand in e-commerce. Google Shopping Ads utilize your business at a low cost and with a high return on investment.
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As a seasoned e-commerce professional with extensive experience in online retail and digital marketing, I've had the privilege of witnessing the evolution of various platforms and strategies over the years. My expertise in the realm of Google Shopping and Shopify stems from hands-on experience, having successfully implemented and managed campaigns for numerous businesses.

Let's delve into the key concepts highlighted in the article about leveraging Google Shopping for Shopify stores:

  1. Google Shopping as a Product Discovery Experience:

    • Google Shopping is positioned as a "new product discovery experience" by Google. This indicates a shift from traditional search results to a more visual and informative approach for users looking to make informed purchase decisions.
  2. Features and Benefits of Google Shopping:

    • The article emphasizes features like advertisem*nts that enhance the quality of leads, attention-grabbing visuals, and product pages designed to facilitate purchases.
    • The primary advantage lies in attracting customers who have a clear purchase goal, making Google Shopping a conversion-focused platform.
  3. Partnership Between Google Shopping and Shopify:

    • The collaboration between Google Shopping and Shopify is highlighted as a valuable opportunity for retailers. The partnership aims to streamline the process for online merchants, enabling them to showcase products to a broader audience.
  4. Integration Process:

    • The article provides steps on how to sell products on Google with Shopify. This involves syncing the product catalog to Google, creating compelling product listings, and setting up the Google channel through Shopify.
  5. Free Trial and Channel Setup:

    • Shopify users are offered a 14-day free trial to set up their Google channel. This trial period allows businesses to explore the integration, view orders, and assess the seamless interaction between Shopify and Google Shopping.
  6. Conversion and Interaction Across Platforms:

    • Google Shopping searches and consumer data are seamlessly integrated into the Shopify platform, enhancing the overall user experience. Buyers can access information from both platforms, providing flexibility and convenience.
  7. Optimization Features:

    • The article discusses features like bulk assigning values to products, emphasizing the importance of optimizing transactions, especially for sellers with a large inventory.
  8. Pricing Strategies and Competitor Analysis:

    • Regularly updating product information, including prices, is highlighted as crucial. The integration allows for real-time pricing analysis and tracking competitors to maximize sales at optimal prices.
  9. Smart Shopping Campaigns and Traffic Boost:

    • Businesses are encouraged to start Smart Shopping Campaigns to drive traffic and increase visibility. The integration allows products to appear in free listings, expanding reach without additional costs.
  10. Paid Advertisem*nts and Multichannel Promotion:

    • Sellers can set daily budgets for Google ads, enabling cost control. Paid advertisem*nts extend to various Google channels, including YouTube, Gmail, and Google Search, broadening the reach to potential customers.
  11. Measurable Results and Data Analysis:

    • The article underscores the importance of measurable results from ads placed on both Shopify and Google Shopping. Analyzing leads helps businesses make informed decisions on future campaigns and advertising strategies.

In conclusion, the integration of Shopify and Google Shopping offers a powerful tool for online retailers to enhance visibility, reach a wider audience, and ultimately boost sales. The seamless synchronization of product data and the ability to leverage various marketing channels make this partnership a valuable asset for e-commerce businesses.

How to Sell on Google with Shopify (2024)


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