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Why Hertz

  • Best price guarantee - in the unlikely event you find a lower Hertz price, we'll refund the difference
  • No cancellation or change fees**When the booking is cancelled within two days of being made.
  • No hidden extras to pay - theft and damage coverage included
  • No credit card fees

Hertz car rental Amsterdam

Rent a car in Amsterdam to explore the cultural highlights of this perennially popular Dutch city. From tulip-lined canals to treasure-trove museums and delightful boutiques, Amsterdam has something for every traveler.

Live like a local, check out bohemian cafes and bars that line the streets, and rent bicycles to explore the city in an authentic way. The Dutch capital provides a multitude of cultural offerings for visitors, making it a perfect holiday spot for creative types.

Travel further afield to Haarlem, which is only half an hour away, for historic buildings and squares. Or fashionistas can head to nearby Eindhoven to catch Dutch Design Week. Rotterdam is also easy to get to, taking only an hour’s drive in your rental car.

From sleek sedans for city commuting to classic convertibles for romantic getaways, Hertz has the perfect Amsterdam car rental for every trip.

Rent a car with Hertz for the freedom to explore the Holland hotspot at your own pace.

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Amsterdam - Overtoom 333
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Pickup LocationsAmsterdam

  • Schiphol Airport

    Opening hours: Mo-Su 0600-2300

    Address: Aankomsthal Entrance C, , Aankomstpassage

    Phone: 31-0-20-5020240

  • Amsterdam - Overtoom 333

    Opening hours: Mo-Fr 0800-1800, Sa 0800-1400, Su 0900-1400

    Address: Overtoom 333

    Phone: +31 (0) 20 6122441


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Driving in and around Amsterdam

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Parking in Amsterdam

  • de Bijenkorf (1012 JW) is a multi-story car park with 444 spaces that’s close to the National Monument, Beurs van Berlage, and a collection of eateries and shops.
  • Nieuwendijk (1012 PV) is underground with 360 spaces. It’s close to a selection of restaurants and shops, and the Singel canal.
  • Museum Quarter Parking (1071 RA) is underground with 72 spaces. Its location is ideal for exploring the Museum Quarter, which includes Museum Square, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Rijksmuseum.

Key roads in Amsterdam

  • A-10 motorway forms a ring road around Amsterdam and is 20 miles long.
  • A-5 motorway acts as a western bypass for Amsterdam and reduces travel time between The Hague, Haarlem, and Alkmaar.
  • A-4 motorway connects Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport.

How to get from Amsterdam to Rotterdam

It takes just over one hour to drive the just-under-50-mile distance from Amsterdam to Rotterdam in your car rental.

  1. Leave the car rental car park at Overtoom 333.
  2. Take Jan Pieter Heijestraat, Postjesweg, Hoofdweg and S106 to A10 in Amsterdam Nieuw-West.
  3. Follow A4 and A13 to Stadhoudersweg/S113 in Rotterdam Noord.
  4. Continue on Stadhoudersweg and S112 to Hofplein in Centrum to reach your destination.

How to get from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is around a 20-minute drive from our Hertz rental location at the airport. Just leave the car park and get onto the A4. Follow the A4 and A10 to Gooiseweg/S112 in Duivendrecht and take exit 12 from A10. Continue on S112 and drive to Jonas Daniël Meijerplein in Amsterdam-Centrum.

A quick guide to Amsterdam

Car Rental Amsterdam | Hertz Rent a Car (2)

Best hotels in Amsterdam

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Herengracht 542-556, 1017 CG Amsterdam, Netherland

Enjoy a slice of luxury at this fancy canal-side hotel. Overlooking the Herengracht Canal, situated two blocks from the Museum Quarter, it offers a prime location. Enjoy plush facilities, like the Guerlain Spa, after a day of strolling around the heart of the city.

Amsterdam Marriott Hotel

Stadhouderskade 12,Amsterdam1054 ESNetherlands

Escape the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city, and make the most of this hotel’s contemporary furnishings and soft beddings. The Amsterdam Marriott is in the city center, within walking distance from Anne Frank’s house, the Van Gogh Museum, and Vondelpark.

Hotel The Nobleman

Leidsegracht 14, 1016 CK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Treat yourself to a magical night in this boutique hotel within a 1663 townhouse. Relax in the sauna and indulge in the hammam. Fascinatingly, The Nobleman's first owner was a French marble merchant – and you can still see the marble in the hotel to this day, amongst other unique and luxurious interior details.

Best restaurants in Amsterdam

Restaurant Janz

Reestraat 8, 1016 DN Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dine on beautifully fresh flavors in this former apothecary shop. The modern-Dutch cuisine is sure to tantalize your tastebuds, and the beautiful setting is a treat to the eyes. Indulge in oysters, lobster, or steak for a decadent meal or feast upon a wonderfully crafted pea ravioli.


Marcusstraat 52, 1091 TK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sample French-Flemish dishes at this industrial canteen, featuring an open kitchen. With a regularly changing menu of meat, fish, and vegetarian options, you are truly spoilt for choice at this charming establishment.


Taksteeg 7 1012 PB Amsterdam

This hidden gem in the center of Amsterdam is the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch, or high tea. Enjoy all your favorites to start the day, from eggs benedict, French toast, and even pancakes. This cozy little establishment uses organic ingredients from its vegetable garden.

Best things to do in Amsterdam

Van Gough Museum

Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lose yourself in the largest collection of Van Gough’s work. Discover exhibits of ‘Sunflowers’, ‘The Bedroom’, and ‘Wheatfield with Crows’, and learn more about the genius’ life while immersing yourself in his masterpieces. A must-visit on every Amsterdam itinerary.

Anne Frank House

Westermarkt 20, 1016 GV Amsterdam, Netherlands

Visit this non-profit organization to learn about Anne Frank’s life, and see the house where she went into hiding. Explore the secret annex in which Anne Frank lived and wrote her diary for over two years. This historical site is an essential stop for all history buffs.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Escape the city streets for a calm oasis at Vondelpark. The public urban park is home to 47 hectares and is a lovely place to rest your legs after an afternoon of site-seeing. The largest park in Amsterdam is one of the most famous in The Netherlands – attracting 10 million visitors every year.

Car Rental Amsterdam | Hertz Rent a Car (2024)


Is it wise to rent a car in Amsterdam? ›

If you already have booked a hotel in the city centre of Amsterdam we do not recommend you to rent a car. Parking fees in the city centre are very high and most attractions in the centre are within walking distance. If you didn't book a hotel already we advise you to check out the hotels in the Amsterdam region.

What are the rules for renting a car in Amsterdam? ›

To rent a car in the Netherlands, you must be at least 21 years old (age may vary by car category) and have held your license for 1 year. Drivers under the age of 25 may incur a young driver surcharge. Seatbelts and child seats for children up to 40 lbs are mandatory.

How to rent a car in Amsterdam without a credit card? ›

Credit card not required as deposit

At Diks Autoverhuur you benefit from car rental without a credit card*. With us you can pay with iDEAL, with your debit card or as a business you pay by invoice or direct debit.

What is the equation for renting a car? ›

The cost of renting a car is $35/wk plus $0.25/mi traveled during that week. An equation to represent the cost would be y = 35 + 0.25x, where x is the number of miles traveled. Suppose you have a maximum of $100 to spend for the car rental.

Is it easy to get around Amsterdam without a car? ›

The cheapest way to travel around Amsterdam is walking, as the city is one of the most walkable in the world. The Dutch National Rail (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) provides a 14-17 minute train ride from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station, costing approximately €5.50 per person.

Is it difficult to drive in Amsterdam? ›

Driving in Amsterdam is not really recommended as the city centre streets are narrow, there is often ongoing construction work and parking places are limited and expensive. Most visitors to Amsterdam and the Netherlands can get around efficiently by public transport.

Can Americans rent a car in the Netherlands? ›

Do you need an international driver's licence to rent a car in the Netherlands? You do not need an International Driving Permit unless your national driver's licence is written in a non-roman alphabet. If that is the case, remember to bring both when you pick up your car rental.

Can a tourist drive in Amsterdam? ›

Tourist in the Netherlands

You are not going to live in the Netherlands, but are you here as a tourist? You are allowed to drive in the Netherlands with your foreign driving licence.

Do you need insurance to drive in Amsterdam? ›

Basic rules for driving in the Netherlands

You'll need to prove that you have car insurance cover so take the certificate with you (but you don't need a European 'green card') and you must carry with you documents that show the identity of the car, such as a V5 'logbook'.

Why don t you rent a car with a debit card? ›

You may be able to rent a car with a debit card, but you'll face some challenges and added risks if you do. For starters, the car rental company will place a hold on your debit card (and bank account), which means some of the funds in your checking account won't be available during your trip.

What can I use instead of a credit card to rent a car? ›

Many smaller rental car companies may be willing to accept more flexible payments. Some will accept debit cards, cash, or a check. You will often still need to make a deposit that's refunded when you return the car in good condition. Be sure to check with the companies ahead of time for policies at each location.

Do you really need a credit card to rent a car? ›

The short answer is no, a credit card is not required to rent a car, but it may make things easier. Most of the major rental agencies will accept debit cards for initial deposits and final payments.

How is a car rental day calculated? ›

Generally, rental cars are booked by the day, in a 24 hour blocks. A rental car is booked on the 20th for 5 days.

How to calculate car rental rate? ›

Calculating the car rental price involves several key factors. First, the model of the vehicle is crucial, with luxury or newer cars, for example, typically costing more than standard models. Second, the duration of the rental must be taken into account as rates can decrease for longer rentals.

How do you calculate what you can rent? ›

How is rental affordability calculated? The general rule of thumb is your annual income should be 30 times the monthly rent. Or, you can multiply the yearly rent by 2.5 times.

Is it necessary to have a car in Amsterdam? ›

Amsterdam by Car

Amsterdam is the sort of city where you don't really need a car at all. Nearly everything you require is likely to be on walking distance from your hotel. Amsterdam's public transportation system is excellent and will take you to all the sights and attractions of the city.

Can tourists drive in Amsterdam? ›

In order to drive a car in the Netherlands you'll need to be over 18 years of age, carry a valid driving licence and have third-party insurance. Before you hit the road, read up on licences, insurance and rental in the Netherlands.

Is Amsterdam car friendly? ›

Each year, about one million visitors arrive in Amsterdam by car. While the city is very hospitable to drivers, the inner city is quite an enclosed area. Before arriving, it is advisable to learn about the city's motorways, roads and parking options in order to make the most of your trip.

Is it expensive to have a car in Amsterdam? ›

If you live in the city, parking costs are also an regular part of your car costs. Especially in Amsterdam, parking can be pretty expensive. Parking in the city centre of Amsterdam costs €7,50 per hour on average. But don't worry: not al Dutch cities are as expensive as Amsterdam.


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